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Butch's Backround As A Musician & Electronics Engineer

I , Patric "Butch" Amarando was born and raised in Auburn, NY. I first took an interest in the guitar while watching the Donna Reed show in the early 60s. That's when Shelly Fabares debuted her only hit song, Johnny Angel. I fell in love with the guitars that the band members were using. They were Fenders. At that age of 11, I knew I could never afford one.  Today I have a Jazzmaster, and a Stratocaster .. along with my 70s Gibson SG, and Monoprice Les Paul clone

I took a hand full of guitar lessons, became frustrated, quit lessons, and learned to play "by ear". My first band was called the Auburn Beatles, as we formed just around the time that the British Invasion hit America. From that point on, we became the "Kids" and mimicked a majority of the British groups, playing their songs at numerous record hops, school dances, firemen's carnivals, and even a slew of fraternity and sorority parties for Cornell, William and Smith, Saint John Fisher colleges, just to name a few. We even did the World's Fair, 1965 in New York City. The Kids recorded a 45 RPM single in 1964 ... Flipped Hair And Lace, b/w Lovin' Everyday.

All said and done, I kept playing with various groups until the age of 27, when I took a job at a local Rochester radio manufacturing company. Having earned a A.A.S. degree in Electronics Technology after high school, I started as a Test Technician. Thirty Five years later, I retired as a Lead Engineering Specialist, Level 3, effective July 12th, 2012.

 I always have had a love and passion for electronics, and during my school years, while in various bands, and working at my full time job, I took on a small undertaking, PBC Audio which I still work at today. Now that I am fully retired, I have a whole lot of time to devote to promoting my shop, and working it as a hobby.

NOTE:  As a sideline activity, I can be hired to run and mix sound for
your activitie(s) using your sound equipment.  Please call or write to inquire.

                                This is something that I don't have to do, but something that I want to do.

Perhaps I can be of some service to you, your friends and colleagues?

Write To Me: pja51@rochester.rr.com
Call Me: 315.926.5680 - Land Line; 315.576.3601 - Cell


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