Electronics Repair & Servicing

About Us

We love the old gutsy tube guitar amplifier sound ... A nice mellow tone, and when pushed a bit, a nice crunch!!!


But, we're not partial ... We'll service and repair solid state amplifiers as well.

Fender Pro Reverb  

Marshall Lead 100WSears Silvertone Twin Twelve 


Oh Those Good Ole Vacuum TubesFront End Sound System Re-enforcement

PBC Audio Repair / Service Policy

 Flat fee labor rate (less repair parts) will be estimated prior to performing work. service

  • Non-Returnable $25 diagnostics fee.  If customer elects to proceed with the repair / service, this $25 fee will be applied towards the final cost.
  • The customer will be responsible for the cost of repair parts and shipping of repair parts to PBC Audio's repair facility.
  • The customer will be responsible for shipping charges to / from PBC Audio's repair facility for each unit to be repaired / serviced.
  • Payment for repair / service shall be via cash only.
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